Priest Warns Parents That Legos Are "Tools of Satan"


You probably played with Legos a lot growing up. Well according to a Polish priest–you were playing with the work of the devil. Parents in Poland have  now received a warning about the dangers of letting their children play with the iconic plastic bricks. Father Slawomir Kostrzewa has revealed that Legos are a tool of Satanthat can lead children to the dark side and destroy their souls because,ya know, of course!
Father Kostrzewa’s warnings currently only extend to Lego’s series of Monster Fighters and Zombie mini-figures. Phew. The Telegraph reports that the company’s figures “were about darkness and the world of death, from which children needed protecting.” The fringe priest also referenced some research undertaken by a New Zealand university which found that Lego figures’ facial expressions had become angrier over the year which made them look more evil.
Although this guy sounds pretty insane, we’d hang out with him any day over that crazy bastard Fred Phelps.

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