Cobie Smulders: Sexy Pics For Her Birthday [PHOTOS]

It’s hard to think of an actress who’s having a bigger week than Cobie Smulders–as she wraps up the long-running How I Met Your Mother and hits the multiplexes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Yeah, she’s in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill, and she’s also set for Avengers: Age of Ultron, so her HIMYM fans won’t have to worry about missing Cobie too much. It’s a pretty great day (that being April 3, 2014) for this former model to turn 32 years old. Especially when you consider that Cobie just kind of stumbled into acting.
She still got glammed up like a movie star for the Winter Soldier premiere–although we can think of a few gals who could do a better job of filling out that daring outfit seen above. Not that we’re complaining. We’re very happy to see a gal like Cobie Smulder turning on a generation of guys to the appeal of brunettes. We caught on to Cobie early on when she showed up in The Rock’s remake of Walking Tall back in 2004. She had a small role, but a memorable name that we caught in the credits. It was pretty exciting when Cobie then showed up on The L Word. Sadly, that was as one of the lesbianic series’ few chaste characters.
Then along came How I Met Your Mother, and we’ve enjoyed Cobie trying to move on to the big screen since then. Nobody really noticed her in the Broken Lizard comedy The Slammin’ Salmon, but The Avengers changed all that. She was also pretty great with Vince Vaughan in last year’s quietly-successful Delivery Man. And while we’ve been celebrating the hot guest stars of How I Met Your Mother this week, we’re also very happy to take time to celebrate Cobie’s birthday with some of our favorite pics.

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