Millions Of Ants Marching Toward Houston

They’re coming! No, we’re not talking about zombies just yet. We’re just talking about insects, thankfully. So if you live in Houston, you have a very exciting future as there are literally hundreds of million of Rasberry ants marching towards you. These ants have already caused chaos throughout the Lone Star State, and Houston is next on their menu.

The ants were named after the exterminator Tom Rasberry, who discovered these ants over a decade ago. We also like how they’re known as Tawny Crazy Ants, which is a better nickname than we’ve had in the past. These dudes don’t give up either/ Apparently, they’ve been known to fight and even kill rival fire ants. Fire ants are scary, and the Raspberry ants can kill them even though the Raspberry ants don’t sting. We’re glad they don’t sting, but we don’t know how they beat fire ants. Maybe they have little knives.

Anyway, we’re really sorry that our Texas readers have to deal with these ants marching toward a total takeover. Jus try and  keep them down there.

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