NBA Referee Dick Bavetta Breaks Cal Ripken Jr's Record

Any fan of the NBA knows about referee Dick Bavetta. Wednesday night, Bavetta accomplished something that no one ever thought he would when he officiated his 2,633rd consecutive regular season game. His streak goes back to 1975 and he hasn’t missed an assignment since then.
It is a streak that rivals what Cal Ripken, Jr. did in the past. The travel from game to game on a daily basis has to take something out of Bavetta but he just keeps on going. He works around 82 games a season or 12 a month which is the same as the players do. The difference is that he is 74 years old now traveling all over the place. It is something that is legendary and amazing to pull off.
Is it possible that he gets to 3,000 straight games? That would take another four seasons and who knows if Bavetta is going to want to work until he is 78 years old. He has already talked about the idea of stepping down after this season. Bavetta is like the mailman. No rain, snow, sleet or injury is going to stop him from doing his job on a daily basis.

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