Nike Foamposite Sneakers Drop Today, Don't Get Maced

The new Nike-Supreme collaboration Nike Air Foamposite comes out today. The shoe debuted last night in New York, and drew hundreds of people to the SoHo neighborhood shortly before 6 p.m. Actually, the shoe’s debut didn’t really come together. The $250 kicks were supposed to go on sale at midnight, but the crowds were too rambunctious--and Supreme ended up canceling their sale, blaming the crowd and the NYPD.

According to The New York Post: “The mayhem started at about 7 p.m. as the crowd of sneaker fanatics lined up in front of ­Supreme on Lafayette Street near Prince Street looking to wait all night for a pair of Supreme/Nike Air Foamposites — which were expected to resell for as much as $1,000 a pair, four times the $250 price tag.”

Listen–we get it. Shoes are pretty awesome, but are they worth getting in a riot over? If you have to even to ask yourself this question, you clearly have an addiction to shoes and should seek help immediately.

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