Real Life Troller Pulls the Ol' "Bang Bus" Switcheroo

Every guy wonders what it would be like if they got the once in a lifetime chance to get it on with a couple of hot pornstars. A YouTube prankster decided to tap into that natural male instinct to screw with someone–but not in the way that they hoped.
“Real Life Troller” Steve Greene came up with a clever prank involving a couple of pornstars, a pair of important “extras” and some unwitting dope who clearly let another part of his anatomy do the thinking and talking for him. He got two hot pornstars Tara Lynn Foxx and Layton Benton to help him out with this one as he uses them as bait to troll the California beaches for his victim. Greene claims he’s shooting some kind of real-life porn flick in a van with one of the middle seats removed so they can–well, you figure it out. Then he throws a little twist at the poor sap that has him running for cover and quite possibly some kind of psychoanalyst. You’ll have to see what the surprise is for yourself, and how he flawlessly puts it together in this mean (but funny) prank.
We’re sure once the video goes viral that they’ll just lay into Greene’s victim. In his defense, our mental faculties would be weakened a bit if Foxx and Benton were part of the deal. Hell, we’re having trouble focusing on writing this post after all the “research” we just did on those two.

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