Would You Buy Jeffrey Dahmer's Childhood Home?

If you live in Ohio and you’re looking for a place to live, an interesting home just popped up on the market. It’s a mid-century modern house in a wooded area with a huge deck, a living room with plenty of natural lighting and even a spiral staircase leading up to the front door. It’s also the boyhood home of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.
The infamous Dahmer house in Bath, Ohio just went back on the market and it’s got something of a reputation among real estate agents because it’s not just the house where one of the world’s most evil and notorious serial killers lived during his formative years. It’s also the scene of his first killing back in 1978 when he picked up hitchhiker Stephen Hicks, brought him back to the house and bludgeoned him with a dumbbell. We’re sure that’s not part of the open house tour.
Of course, there’s nothing that appears to be wrong with the house. It looks like any other quaint home in a picturesque wooded area of Northeast Ohio. It just happens to be the place where one of the world’s most mean and brutal people grew up and formed some of his twisted ideas on the sanctity of human life. That makes it a tough sell. It’s not like they are trying to sell the House on Haunted Hill. We’re sure it’s just a perfectly normal house. However, if we were one of them, we probably wouldn’t spend a lot of time touring the kitchen or the dining room.

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