Awesome Trailer Announces Release Of Elder Scrolls Online [VIDEO]


Bethesda has been slowly releasing a series of fantastic cinematic trailers leading up to the release of Elder Scrolls Online–and today dropped the final installment titled “The Siege.” Do I have any idea what’s going on in any of this? No. But the nerd inside of me (inside of all of us) is very excited about the idea that an awesome new MMORPG is coming out for the Mac.

Scientists are inventing cures for HIV/AIDS right now. Is it too much to expect a Mac version of Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Maybe but don’t derail my train of thought here. My point is that Bethesda knows exactly what the people want–awesome Mac-compatible games and sweet short films. And lucky you, you get both today.

If you’re really looking to invest some time in watching these trailers, I suggest you check out the 8-minute + video below first. That might give you a better sense of what’s going on in “The Siege.” I don’t have time for that, however, because I need to move on and find some more hot fire to write about today.

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