Bryan Cranston To Write His Memoirs: Don't Forget This Stuff…

Perhaps in an attempt to cash in on all the Breaking Bad superfans out there, Bryan Cranston will be writing a memoir about his Breaking Bad years. He recently closed a deal with Scribner and the book is set for publication in Fall 2015.

Cranston won three Emmys for his portrayl of Walter White, aka Heisenberg. The 58-year-old actor said, “With this book, I want to tell the stories of my life and reveal the secrets and lies that I lived with for six years shooting Breaking Bad.” Cranston is currently starring as President Lyndon Baines Johnson in “All The Way” on Broadway.

We speak for everyone when we say that we’re super excited to read the book. However, why is he only writing about his Breaking Bad years, we personally think he should dive into his early more formative years. Like where did he the inspiration for his main role in this Preparation H ad. Also, how can we forget this amazing Carnation Coffeemate commercial? But perhaps our favorite was this out-of-the world cheesy Coors Light commercial. Tell us all about these years, Bryan. In all honesty, we’d be more interested to hear about how you came up, rather than when you were already extremely famous.

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