Happy School Librarian Day! Get Schooled By Hot Gals In Glasses [PICS]

April 4th is National School Librarian Day, where we salute the ladies who taught us about the Dewey Decimal System (do they still have that?) and how to research a term paper (before we learned how to cut-and-paste one). More importantly, we salute the School Librarians who taught us all about the exciting sexual fetish of girls sporting eyeglasses.
“But,” you say, “surely the idea of a sexy school librarian in eyeglasses is just an empty stereotype that only exists in teenage sex comedies?” To which we can only reply that it’s the best empty stereotype of all time, and there are enough guys who go gaga over glasses to convince us that sexy school librarians are real. Realer than Bigfoot, even.
We also like to think that sexy school librarians are a good influence on hot young gals who realize that guys do, in fact, makes passes at girls who wear glasses–in addition to having impossibly detailed fantasies about women sporting those sexy spectacles. We know there are still a┬álot more important things to say about the importance of librarians, and it would be really cool if we knew any of those things. Perhaps we will go to a library and do some research. For now, though, let’s pore over these hot babes who don’t need to take off their glasses to get us discovering that they’re beautiful…
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