Madalina Ghenea Fills Up The Big Screen In "Dom Hemingway" [PHOTOS]

We know that this weekend is all about Captain America: The Winter Soldier–but the indie crowd has a pretty good movie to get excited over, too. We’re talking about Jude Law in the gritty crime comedy/drama Dom Hemingway, where the star hams it up in spectacular fashion while playing a crude safecracker wreaking mayhem after finally getting out of prison. It’s an incredible performance that’s really revived Law’s star power back home in the UK. It’s also a wild ride that should please any regular guy who wants to pretend he’s taking his girlfriend to see an acclaimed art film.
And you get the added bonus of Madaline Ghenea as Dom Hemingway’s most alluring attraction. She’s probably best known as a Romanian fashion model, and Madaline hasn’t even really done that much work in her adopted homebase of Italy. But now we can expect Madaline Ghenea to become a pretty big name–courtesy of an amazing performance where she actually holds her own against Jude Law while playing a gangster’s girlfriend with a whole lot of ambition.
That’s another reason to go out and support Dom Hemingway this weekend. Everybody wins if Hollywood picks up on the star power of Madaline. We’re also looking forward to tracking her down in Borgia, which is a French production about royal intrigue–but the dialogue is all in English, so we won’t have to strain our brain, and won’t just be patiently waiting for Madaline to show up on the screen. Now check out these pics that might get you straining some other body parts…

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