Winter Is Gone And So Are The Bras [63 PHOTOS]


We can’t officially say that winter is over as long as there’s talk about snow storms this weekend–but we can gladly confirm that the streets of NYC are beginning to see gals casting off their oppressive winter coats and beginning to bare their beautiful bods.¬†Yes, it’s that most wonderful time of the year when there’s a nip in the air that doesn’t have anything to do with the weather. We’re even safely past sweater territory, and this is going to be a fabulous weekend where COED staffers can finally get back to the¬†national pastime of American Girl Watching.

You don’t have to be an American to join in, either. Everybody’s welcome to take a look at these ladies who are embracing Spring Fever and giving us some feverish dreams about what’s going on under those t-shirts. You’ll be experiencing some serious eyestrain as these bountiful babes strain some sheer cotton that’s doing a valiant job of holding in some Easter spirit. So put a little spring in your…um, step and step out of the Winter Wonderland and into April Awesomeness….


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