Amanda Bynes Is Alive & Well In Mexico (And In A Bikini) [PHOTOS]

There was a time when we’d just be marveling that Amanda Bynes had turned 28 years old this week. Instead, we’re marveling that Amanda Bynes lived to the age of 28, considering that the former Nickelodeon star had an epic public meltdown last year. That included plenty of documented drug use via social media, and some sensational selfies that were almost drug-addled enough to make us feel bad for marveling at Amanda’s naked bod. Almost. Besides, it started out just seeming like Amanda was rocking her adult sexuality all Miley Cyrus-stylee.
Anyway, things worked out. Amanda eventually was arrested by the cops, and no one was killed when she threw her bong out a window, and then her parents came in to take care of her. Lindsay Lohan was also happy to have people quit talking about her for a while, too. Fortunately, it seems that Amanda’s parents aren’t like Lindsay’s mom and dad. They actually care for Amanda more than they care about the spotlight.
Now we have Amanda on this past April 2nd–the day before she turned 28–and looking great while on vacation. With her parents. Which helps explains why we’re feeling good about Amanda’s future. She seems to have really turned things around. Still, we kind of wish that she hadn’t turned things around so quickly. We were hoping for at least one naked picture of Amanda dressed up like her nerdy alter-ego Penelope Taint. That would’ve been up there with Linda Cardellini as Velma in the Scooby-Doo movies.
Oh, well. At least we get some guilt-free enjoyment of a very healthy Amanda here. We can’t say that she won the week, but Amanda is sure looking like a winner again…

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