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Indira Varma on Game of Thrones

(9:00 PM EST, HBO)

It’s a real big deal to have Game of Thrones returning for another season on HBO, and See Her Tonight was happy to help assemble our big look at the Sexiest Girls of Game of Thrones–but, hey, Indira Varma is already showing up on tonight’s episode to help make the article helplessly outdated. This internet journalism is tough to get right.
Anyway, Indira Varma makes a great addition to the Game of Thrones tradition. She was born in England as a mix of Indian and Swedish heritage–which turned out to be the ideal mix for a sexually-liberated actress who made her film debut in the incredibly sexy Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love back in 1996. Bollywood was still breaking out into the Western world back then, and it was pretty scandalous to see an Indian actress bare her bod in all kinds of sexy scenes. That included some very daring shots of lesbian love that instantly made Indira Varma a big name to the arthouse indie crowd.
Indira followed up that splashy debut with lots of work in England, including another highly-sexualized turn in an adaptation of Canterbury Tales. She was alluring alongside Sharon Stone in 2006’s Basic Instinct 2, but that English production didn’t have nearly the impact of the original in America. Indira then began to pop up in American living rooms in shows like Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Bones–and she even had a regular role on FOX’s sadly short-lived Human Target.
Indira then showed up on Cinemax in Hunted, but that cable show sure doesn’t have the prestige of Game of Thrones. You’d probably be watching, anway, but check out this Indira as another inspiring reason to tune in tonight…
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