Girls Troll Hard With A Coachella Kickstarter [VIDEO]

There’s been Kickstarter campaigns for just about everything–like Zach Braff‘s infamous Kickstarter fail for his movie that still got made. So maybe that’s not a fail, but it sure didn’t win him any new fans.

Anyway, the girls in the comedy troupe Wait What have decided to troll us all with a hilarious kickstarter campaign to send the girls to the huge music festival in California. They have great segments like “where’s my $ going.” Your money, of course, is going to 3-day passes, outfits for every day, pool parties, Michael Kors bags for drugs, etc.

They also give great incentives. For $5, they’ll favorite “a subpar Tweet of yours.” $10 gets you an Instagram direct of the two in their cutest outfits posing in front of the Coachella ferris wheel. The lucky people that donate $3,000 get a personal Vine at every single set–that they manage to attend. Did we mention that the Michael Kors bags were for drugs?

Hopefully everyone that sees this recognizes it for the hilarious joke that it is. Although we’d kind of like to see it go viral and have people think that they’re being super serious in the video. Either way, these girls definitely made our day better. Hell, we might even throw in $5 to the Kickstarter…


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