Say Hello To The World's Best Garbage Man [VIDEO]

Who’s the world’s best garbage man? Well, it sure isn’t some guy in NYC. Our garbage men are keeping it old school by banging on cans on the occasional week that they decide to venture out at 5 am and make sure that nobody’s sleeping through their rounds. Meanwhile, they’re picking up garbage like a boss over in Mexico. More specifically, there’s a garbage man in the Mexican city of Leon (in the state of Guanajuato) who’s managed to combine hard work and laziness. Or maybe he’s just doing great things as part of a work crew with a missing guy.
The important thing is that this guy starts up the garbage truck, gets some momentum going, and then hops out of the cab to do some double-duty as a garbage flinger. He’s not just tossing the garbage in the back, either .This guy has a narrow window of opportunity to throw garbage through a narrow window on his truck–and he nails it every time. Seriously, we just don’t believe that America can compete with this kind of thing nowadays.

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