The Simpsons Salute David Letterman, Don't Go Out Of Their Way [VIDEO]

Hey, that was a pretty neat couch gag on last night’s episode of The Simpsons, as the opening credits had the family rushing through NYC traffic instead of the usual Springfield landscape, and then ended up running to David Letterman’s couch. Don’t worry that some poor Korean animator was staying up all night to get that intro ready in time, though. David Letterman just announced his retirement on Thursday, but The Simpsons already had this opening done back in Season 23.

In fact, the couch gag originally aired on January 15th, 2012 as part of  “The D’oh-cial Network,” in which Lisa started a social media project called SpringFace. It was as unfunny as any Simpsons episode from 2012. The important thing is that the show had a celebrity cameo. (Armie Hammer, yeah.) Anyway, all that The Simpsons producers had to do was add that card that said, “We’ll miss you, Dave,” and the show had an instant Letterman tribute. Good for them. Too bad that’s as much thought as the producers put into any Simpsons nowadays.


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