UConn's Shabazz Naper: "We Do Have Hungry Nights" [VIDEO]

The University of Connecticut is getting all sorts of press now that they are squaring off against Kentucky for the NCAA title but their point guard is getting some unique attention after telling reports that he goes to bed hungry some nights because his scholarship doesn’t cover all of his expenses.
Napier made his not-so-surprising but still appalling revelation after a Fox Sports reporter asked him to comment on the recent news that Northwestern’s football team won the right to form a union. Not surprisingly, he stood by the team and applauded them for their efforts and the ground they are breaking for all student athletes. Then he made it by personal by telling the reports that even though he has a full scholarship to his school to play basketball, it doesn’t cover anything and some nights he has to go to bed hungry…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFdRk2DYolM&w=600&h=338]
From now on, this video should be the key piece of evidence in the college sports debate. This should basically be the nail in the coffin of anyone who continues to defend the greedy overlords of the NCAA who still insist on paying their athletes like amateurs, even though they practice and play like pros. This debate no longer makes any sense on its most basic level of logic now. How exactly do they expect their players to perform on the court or the field if there is no food in their stomach? Of course, there is no excuse for anyone in this world to go hungry whether they contribute to a franchise that rakes in billions of dollars or not.

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