Derek The RA: 12 Pretty Good Guesses At His Identity [PHOTOS]

Yes, it’s a rough morning (and was probably a rough night) for Derek the RA–that being the UConn Residential Advisor who sent out the email that was quickly sent to Reddit and made the poor guy a laughing stock. You can see the memo above, as Derek instructs the guys in his dorm to not celebrate too much over the impending UConn win for the NCAA Championship. Which, you know, is reasonable enough. Derek’s big mistake was to then get way too¬†preachy and ramble on about how the students cheering on UConn were really just laundry worshipers, and probably weren’t nearly as smart and composed as Derek the RA.

That fatal misstep made Derek the Official Douche of the 2014 NCAA Championship. “Derek the RA” was soon a hot Twitter trend as UConn won their big game and the nation began to wonder about how poor Derek was handling the trauma. Hey, did you know the internet could be cruel? We’re surprised, too–but not so surprised that we’re not going to join in with this dirty dozen pics of guys who we’re thinking might very well be Derek the RA. It’s just some good internet sleuthing on our part, and we’re certainly not recommending any vigilante justice. We’re just recommending some good cheap laughs….

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