Is Floyd Money Mayweather Going Broke? Only Bets $30K On UConn

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is a notorious gambler, so my first thought this morning wasn’t whether he bet on last night’s NCAA Championship, but rather “how much” and on “who.” When I saw the receipt he posted on Instagram (@FloydMayweather), I was doubly surprised.

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First off, he bet UConn. I had him as a Kentucky fan for sure. Not because the Wildcats were favored by a few points and he threw down on the moneyline, but because they were upstarts. Five freshmen sprinkled with some one-and-dones taking the world by storm just screams Team Money.

But to me the most surprising thing is that The Money Team only bet $30K on the game. This is the same guy who famously bet $5 million dollars on Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Eastern Conference Finals in favor of the Miami Heat (against the Indianapolis Pacers). $30K to a guy like Floyd is chump change. I’m being deadly serious when I say that he probably tips his personal assistant (@mssunray) that much to wipe his a** for him.

So what gives? Is Floyd having money problems all of a sudden? Doesn’t really look like it.

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My best guess is that he actually bet more on Kentucky to win.

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