Kyrie Irving Trades Twitter Barbs With Josh Gordon

There are always times when players from teams in the same city rib each other about how their team is doing compared to the other. There’s a story in Cleveland, though, that feels much bigger than that. Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving and Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon have been busy exchanging barbs on Twitter about a perceived rift in the Cavaliers locker room. Irving told Gordon to “mind his own business” while Gordon responded by saying he had “hit a nerve”.
But, you know, neither of these guys are part of teams that have been in the playoffs for a really long time. Irving has his job to do with the Cavs, while Gordon has time on his hands right now with the football offseason. It would probably be better for each of them to focus on their own sport and try to get the city a championship that it hasn’t had in a long time. Irving did say after practice on Monday that he had spoken to Gordon, and he thought things had got blown out of proportion. He may think that–but there are going to be many others who disagree with that statement.

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