Lost "SNL" Sketch Explains Why Nickelodeon Hosts Were So Happy [VIDEO]


Every kid of the 80s and 90s with cable TV spent a fair amount of time watching the hyperactive frenzy of children’s programming that was Nickelodeon. Now a sketch that was cut from last weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live explains why all the kids were so chipper and inquisitive: They were all on drugs.
Yeah, it’s one of those things that was cut during the show’s famed dress rehearsals. SNL does a dry run of all the live and pre-taped sketches they plan to do on the air before whittling down a few of them for the final broadcast. It’s not that they aren’t any good. Most of them are cut because they don’t have enough time or they aren’t as good as the rest of the sketches they produced for the show. This season, SNL has been posting some of those sketches on the air–and this past weekend’s episode featured one about a defunct Nickelodeon show that really deserved to live…
[protected-iframe id=”65c929679afd4b2ee34aefc73463e26b-3508545-13345960″ info=”http://player.theplatform.com/p/NnzsPC/widget/select/yU9EiwmKg_49?form=html” width=”480″ height=”270″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]
So why were we so compelled to share this bit of almost forgotten comedy gold with you? First of all, it’s pretty damn funny. The most genius part is that they cast Kenan “& Kel” Thompson in it. We always suspected there was a fair amount of drug experimentation on the set of All That.
Secondly, the timing is a little eerie to another sketch that made it to air that we featured earlier here at COED.com. Kendrick’s performance included a music video parody called “Dongs All Over the World,” a female send-up of songs that celebrate guys scoring around the globe. We noted that it felt like something that came from an old 90’s Nickelodeon show but with a more mature theme (unless Nickelodeon has changed way more than we realize since then) since most of the writers came from that era of television. That might explain why “Dongs All Over the World” made it to air and this didn’t. Does this mean we can expect some kind of mashup between Game of Thrones and Double Dare on next week’s episode?

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