Miley Is Sick Or Maybe Just Still Too Heartbroken To Perform

Our favorite li’l twerker Miley Cyrus pulled out of her Charlotte show just 30 minutes before she was supposed to go on last night claiming that she was ill.¬†“Excruciating pain,” she tweeted Sunday a few hours before the show.¬†Miley is suffering from a bad case of the flu and is having major “throat and sinus” issues, according to her rep. She has not personally commented on the sickness yet.

We want you to get better Miley! Although part of us thinks that she might still just be pretty heartbroken over the loss of her husky dog: Floyd. During this past weekend in Brooklyn she paid a, well, rather interesting and bizarre tribute to her deceased dog by dancing around a giant replica of him.

It’s all going to be okay, Miley. But let’s try and leave the giant inflatable dogs at home and stick to doing what you do best…twerking and tossing money in the air on stage, of course. Check out some happier times with Miley below:

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