New "Wolfenstein" Trailer: BJ Blaskowicz Is Badder Than Ever [VIDEO]

Another Wolfenstein game is almost upon us–and if the latest trailer is any indication, it looks like it’s shaping up to be the ass kicking, first person shooter that we’ve been waiting for since the release of Wolfenstein 3-D.
The latest trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order continues to lay out the story set in motion by the first trailer that showed glimpses of what the world might look like if a well-organized force of German Nazis took over the world. This time, we get to see a bit more focus on the main character and his motivations for mowing down anything with a Swastika on it, even though such a symbol usually provides enough motivation in a video game. He’s trying to lead the resistance against the tide of evil that has swept over the world in the early 1950’s but the Nazis seem to be closing in on his underground armies and operations. He’s clearly being back into a corner that he can only escape from with a butt-load of bullets and high caliber weaponry.
Every time Bethesda Softworks unleashes a new trailer for this game set for release next month, we just get more and more impatient to sit down and actually play it. If it turns out to be as good as our hyped-up minds think it will be, it could almost help us forgive id Software for releasing their lackluster 2009 remake. Note that we used the word “almost.”

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