Scarlett Johansson GIFS: Vamping For Vanity Fair, And Old(er) Favorites

Scarlett Johansson really couldn’t have timed her pregnancy better. Not only did we get some colossal cleavage from her at the Captain America: Winter Soldier premiere, but her newly-enhanced bod is also outstanding in Scarlett’s new pics for Vanity Fair. The magazine is boasting a fine article on the Black Widow this month, and has added in some pretty compelling video at their website.
And, yes, the video looks a lot like these entrancing GIFs. We’re pretty sure that this is confirmation that Scarlett did her Vanity Fair shoot around the same time that she hit that premiere of Winter Soldier–since her curves are pretty much a Super Soldier serum right there.

Anyway, check out Scarlett’s amazing posings for Vanity Fair, and then marvel at some older GIFs that’ll really get you going. Although it’s weird to think of Scarlett doing anything that might seem older. We can guarantee that these GIFs will never get old…

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