Adam Jones Speaks Out About Fans Running On Field

Fans have run onto professional fields for a long time. However, Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones has had enough of the practice. Two fans ran onto the field Tuesday at Yankee Stadium where the Orioles were playing–and as they were taken away, Jones broke a long tradition of ignoring the jerks by yelling at them. And after the game, Jones was just as outspoken.
Jones is dead on with his comments even if he voiced them originally the wrong way. Fans shouldn’t be on the field . Many of them are probably drunk and want to get themselves on TV. Most game broadcasts won’t show someone running on the field, however, so the practice is pointless. Now it’s obviou thats Jones wanted to inflict his own kind of damage to those fans.
There needs to be more players like Jones who speak out against this. This is no reason for it–and maybe one day fans will realize that their place is in their seats instead of running around the field looking for attention.

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