"Intramural" Trailer: Sports Comedy Dares To Invoke "Air Bud" [VIDEO]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjOE_Kj8_nY]
We’re not sure if Intramural will debut at our local Redbox or get a shot at being a surprise hit, but the college sports comedy is hitting theaters on April 19th–and with a pretty impressive cast for fans of funny folks. You’ll notice SNL’s Kate McKinnon, Beck Bennett, and Jay Pharoah in there, along with the lovely Nikki Reed. There’s also an appearance by Clint Howard, which is pretty important. We’re still pissed that brother Ron didn’t have a role for him in last year’s Rush.
As for the actual plot–well, there’s a fifth-year senior dreading his future with a girlfriend who’s proposed to him, and he responds by getting together his old teammates for a football game. You can probably name three sports comedies with the same angle. There’s a pretty big Dodgeball influence here, too. We’re impressed that the trailer dares to have a character invoking the range of quality sports movies, though. He goes from Hoosiers to Air Bud, and you can expect some critics will be jumping on that line for a few easy shots.
But give this trailer about 15 seconds to get entertaining, and you might get sold on it. The movie has already done a lot better than anyone probably expected back in its Kickstarter days.

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