Jenna Jameson Turns 40: We Found More Than 40 Hot Pics [PHOTOS]

Well, we knew that adult star Jenna Jameson would turn 40 years old someday, right? Yeah, actually that was kind of up for debate. It hasn’t been an easy past few years for the gal who was easily the most mainstream porn star of the ’90s. Nowadays, we have pornsters like James Deen and Sasha Grey going mainstream in arty indie products. There will always be the occasional actress doing a splashy nude scene in big-budget exploitation films, too.
But Jenna Jameson was part of a magical time where Pamela Anderson was also blurring the line between the mainstream and adult movies, and nobody could figure out why Jenna Jameson wasn’t just as popular. It wasn’t like Jenna was any worse as an actress during her stint in the ’90s as everyone’s favorite porn star.
Then we entered a new century, and Jenna Jameson got curious about becoming a big name. She began to take a producer credit on some of her adult work, and made it into America’s living rooms with appearances on the cop show Nash Bridges. She also popped up on Family Guy and in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City–all while still regularly doing hardcore. But it really wasn’t too long before Jenna found herself mostly working in the adult biz again.
She still had a hit book with 2004’s cautiously-titled How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale, and was lots of fun in 2008’s Zombie Strippers. Jenna also enjoyed some mainstream coverage when she started an ultimately troubled relationship with UFC fighter Tito Ortiz. That turned Jenna into a MILF, and got her back into the gossip columns when the relationship fell apart amongst allegations of Jenna’s drug use.
But now Jenna is turning 40 years old today–that being April 9th, 2014–as an erotic author with a pretty long stint away from being in front of the cameras. If nothing else, Jenna is certainly a survivor who’s left behind an incredible body of work. Let’s all celebrate that body now…
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