Mara Teigen Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

Mara is a gorgeous 19-year-old American model who should be on your radar, like, ASAP because we’ve got a feeling she’s about to blow up. And if she doesn’t, then that’s baloney because she deserves to… But we digress.

Mara’s not just what’s hot on Instagram (@marateigen_), she’s also represented by Wilhemina Models in New York and Los Angeles. She’s been featured as Extra Mustard‘s LLOD and also on Guyism for her fantastic use of social media. This American hottie has also done some great work with Frankie’s Bikinis who went so far as to feature her on their Malibu billboard.

But probably the thing we like the most about her is that she’s got attitude and seems like a total bada**. Check out her photos below, plus her cameo in a music video “Let’s Get Ratchet” (2:30 mark).

Age: 19 | Nationality: USA | Measurements: 32-24-34

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