PETA Won't Turn the Jeffrey Dahmer House Into a Restaurant

The folks at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) just love to stick their twisted heads into all sorts of inappropriate tragedies and weird news items. That’s because ink and attention are the two most addictive substances that they can put in their systems. This time, they announced their plans to buy one of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s old homes and turn into a vegan restaurant.
The house in question in Bath, Ohio went back on the open market recently and quickly gained a ton of press because it wasn’t just the home where Dahmer grew up as a young child. It was also the setting for his first killing. PETA wasted no time trying to insert itself into the story by issuing a statement that they wanted to buy the home and turn it into a vegan eatery called “Eat for Life: Home Cooking” because it would “allow people to think of all the individuals who are still being killed and eaten and encourage them to practice kindness to animals with every bite they take.”
Unfortunately for PETA, their plans hit a wall when they realized that the property in question wasn’t zoned to handle to a restaurant due to plumbing and waste systems already set up in the area. That means that not even PETA’s almost mutant-like power to annoy people into submission can’t save the day now and get them the house. That means it will just have to remain as a house of evil instead of PETA’s plans to turn into a restaurant of unrelenting evil.

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