Adrian Peterson Carries The Flag For Paying College Players

The debate continues over college athletes getting paid–and now Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has jumped in with a statement that “players are the ones making these universities money.” He’s certainly on to something there, and especially when a school ends up with a high-profile player.
Peterson’s statement came after NBA commissioner Adam Silver said that college basketball players should stay in school for two years. This would allow the colleges to make as much money off of their best players and give them nothing in return for the publicity the school gets. There’s a slippery slope, though. Who knows what may happen if players did get paid? And how much? Would how the size of the school have to be considered?
The college experience is being tainted to a degree with student-athletes playing for one season in basketball, or two or three in football. Isn’t the point of college to get an education? It’s pretty obvious that the money is more important than what the players do after their careers are over–and they want to see the money as soon as possible.

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