Kevin Costner Cursed On Sports Center Last Night [VIDEO]

Kevin Costner is out promoting Draft Day, which means that he had to end up on SportsCenter last night–and he said a curse word, and that even makes the folks at ESPNĀ get nervous. In fact, you’ll see that they even cover for Costner by saying that he cursed while saying some dialogue from Draft Day. Which is not true.
Anyway, it would be more fun if we were reporting that Kevin Costner cursed on SportsCenter because somebody at ESPN said, “Holy God, you look like you’re trying to be the hipster Sam Elliott.” Who wears short sleeves and a scarf, guy? Actually, we’re thinking that Kevin Costner was trying to warn us about this. We noticed that Costner’s character was really fond of scarves in 3 Days to Kill, too. His character didn’t even get to have sex with Amber Heard in that one. We’ll never wear scarves again.

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