Restaurant Bathroom Signs: Separating The Men From The Women [GALLERY]

Every been to a foreign restaurant and been unable to figure out the Men’s Room because some creative dishwasher had to get cute with the graphics? Yeah, that sucks. We can handle some cutesy Men’s/Women’s rooms art. We’re okay with an Ashton Kutcher/Mila Kunis thing. That’s cute–if only good for a couple of months. We’re mainly just irritated at the lack of imaginatiion. To be fair, though, cool restaurant owners are probably irritated at the lack of quality hip bathroom signs, too.
Anyway, here’s a collection of a few favorites–ranging from impressively thrown-together imagery to superior graphic design. Check them out and just be grateful that these fine works will never cost you precious seconds when you’re rushing to the lavatory for a good puke after having that ill-advised Boilermaker #9. Yeah, we’re just kidding. You don’t care about which bathroom door you’re breaking down after that  ill-advised Boilermaker #9…

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