Sorority Suspended For Making Guys Eat Doggie Treats [VIDEO]

A sorority at the University of Connecticut is facing possible penalties and suspensions for throwing a wild party in which they forced men to do some really weird stuff.
School officials announced that they placed the Delta Zeta sorority under an immediate suspension after they received complaints about the raucous party run by what sounds like the Hell Angels’ equivalent of a sorority house. According to news reports, the party consisted of the sorority members allegedly forcing the male party goers to become their party favors for the night by making them do their bidding. Some members claim they made the guys eat doggie treats, wear bras and panties and do body shots off of each other.
The suspension means that the sorority isn’t allowed to host events or participate in sorority activities until further notice. That basically means they’re in the doghouse. If you’re groaning right now, it’s because you’re jealous you didn’t think of it first.
Usually when we hear about hazing rituals on college campus, they usually are about fraternities taking their rights of passage too far. This is the first time in a while that we’ve heard of a sorority crossing that line. Anyway, we’re pretty impressed with how the ladies of┬áDelta Zeta have managed to bring some real sexploitation fantasies to the sorority house. We’d love to see what they do on Spring Break. We’re thinking it looks something like this….

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