Stephen Colbert Replaces David Letterman, So Goodbye Colbert Nation

CBS just confirmed that Stephen Colbert, the longtime host of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, will succeed David Letterman who announced last week that he will vacate the Late Show’s host chair in 2015.
This shouldn’t come as a complete surprise since early reports indicated that Colbert was CBS’ first pick ever since Letterman announced on his show that he would be stepping down next year. The surprise is how fast CBS reacted to the news and how quick they were able to find someone to fill the host’s chair. There’s been all sorts of speculation about who the new Late Show host would be because Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t think his brand of humor and style of talk show would work in an earlier time slot. All sorts of names started floating around as candidates for Dave’s job–like E!’s late night host Chelsea Handler and Neil Patrick Harris.
Colbert, however, is an interesting choice because he’s the only late night host on the dial who isn’t being himself. He plays a fictionalized version (we assume) of Stephen Colbert as a raging conservative talk show host who’s infinitely in love with himself and his opinions. Does that mean he’s bringing that character with him to CBS’ Late Show or will he retool his entire TV personality and do a straight late night talk show?
Either way, we’re extremely happy for Colbert and not just because this is a huge kick in the crotch for the people who started the whole #CancelColbert movement. Sadly, this also means that the end of The Colbert Report is nigh and we’ll have to start preparing ourselves to say goodbye.

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