The "Real" Spider-Man Shows Up at a Kids' Charity Event

The promotional tour for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is well underway but it actually reached a sweet moment when the film’s star Andrew Garfield showed up at a children’s charity in full costume.
Garfield was scheduled to make an appearance at a charity event in London called Kids City, a group that provides free child care and after school instruction and activity to students. Rather than just show up as mild-mannered Peter Parker, he actually put on the Spider-Man costume and got all Spidey with the kids in attendance. He ran around the playground as Spider-Man. He ate pizza with the kids dressed as Spider-Man. He even played basketball with the kids dressed as Spider-Man minus the webs, of course, because we’re sure the movie already put the special effects budget way over the mark.
This has mostly been the territory of Johnny Depp, who┬ástarted making public appearances for the kiddies in his full Capt. Jack Sparrow outfit from┬áthe Pirates of Caribbean movies. They not only get a ton of free press for their movie but they get to make some kids feel happy and special, a feeling not normally associated with school. We’re sure that the kids who met with Garfield were more than grateful not only that he took time out of his schedule to do it but also brought a little magic into their lives at their favorite superhero. They’re probably even grateful that Paul Giamatti didn’t do the same thing and show up in his lame Rhino mech outfit. Seriously, what were they thinking?

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