10 Jobs That Drake Would Be Great At, Once He Retires From Rap

Late-night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon both continue to out-do each other when it comes to hilarious sketches on their shows. Rapper Drake appeared on Kimmel last night and absolutely killed it when he took to the streets with a beard, wig and glasses on–and then interviewed pedestrians on their “real thoughts on Drake.” One of our personal favorite quotes from the clip: “He said he came from the bottom, but…most likely, he didn’t” Well said, Pedestrian.
We here at COED were actually very impressed by Drake’s interviewing skills and demeanor, which led us to wonder about what Drake’s going to do when he retires. Here’s 10 jobs that we think Drake would excel at once he’s decided to hang up his rapping coat…

1. Cab Driver: Just hold on, Drake’s taking you home….


2. Be The Next Alex Trebek: As we saw, Drake really has the witty banter and gentle demeanor down. And they’re both Canadian.

3.  Spokesman for Ekso Bionics (Robotic Legs): Wheelchair Jimmy can now walk, and he’s spreading the good word!


4. Spokesman for A Douche: This is the face of a douche, if we’ve ever seen one.


5. Sell his fan-hood for a year on Kickstarter: We’ve never seen or heard of a Miami Heat or a Kentucky fan in our lives. Maybe the Wildcats players aren’t the only ones getting paid…

6. Become a couple’s therapist: We all know Drake is the most supportive girlfriend.


7. Professional Cockblock: Drake believes in “No New Friends,” so perhaps jealous girlfriends could hire Drake to confront boyfriends that might be cheating. No new friends, y’all.


8. Motivational Speaker: We all know that Drake started from the bottom.

[vimeo 27100795 w=600 h=350]

9. WNBA Coach:  Could Drake be the one who actually makes the WNBA totally accessible and awesome? We think so.

10. Go back to Degrassi–as a teacher: Now that Wheelchair Jimmy can walk, he’s gone back to high school as a lovable (but firm) English teacher.

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