Don't Sell Pot In Order To Buy A Prom Dress, You Might Get Deported


Saira Munoz was too broke to buy a dress for prom, so in order to raise some money, she baked a batch of pot brownies and brought them to her high school in California. It may have seemed like a foolproof plan to Munoz but unfortunately for the aspiring pot dealer, a student got sick and had to be taken to the hospital. Munoz was then arrested and served nine days in jail. The plot thickens though–since Munoz has now learned that her punishment could be that she is going to be deported back to Mexico. She’s been in the States since 2000.

Is it just us or does this sound like the plot for a Lifetime movie? A girl sold drugs in order to go to prom, really? It’s actually pretty sad. It’s kind of ironic that the whole thing took place in California, where pot is practically legal. Perhaps she could have gotten an after school job or done a legit bake sale? Or maybe she should have just sold pot outside of her high school like a responsible teenage drug dealer would do. Munoz definitely does not deserve to be deported for this, but let’s hope she learned her lesson. Girls really seem to take prom way, way too seriously…

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