Highlights From The NCAA Final Four Bud Light Hotel [PHOTOS]

Last weekend, COED flew down to Dallas/Ft. Worth and stayed at the Bud Light Hotel to prove once and for all that we’re #UpForWhatever. Of course, #UpForWhatever is a lot easier when the entire Aloft Dallas hotel is turned into a party palace for five days and packed with friends of ours like AskMen, Bleacher Report, Crave Online, and much more.

The whole place was turned into a Bud Light drinker’s fantasy palace–complete with Bud Light soap dispensers, Bud Light pillows, and most importantly, tons of bottles of Bud Light.

All in all, over 16K bottles of Bud Light were consumed in the Bud Light hotel alone. That’s the stuff champions are made of.

But don’t take our word for it, check out our photos below. In order of appearance below:

• Photos from the Dallas Bud Light Hotel and the Bud Light Mini Hoops Challenge
• Empire of the Sun
• LL Cool J
• New Politics

Bud Light Hotel-02

Bud Light Hotel-04

Bud Light Hotel-06

Bud Light Hotel-08

Bud Light Hotel-11

Bud Light Hotel-13

Bud Light Hotel-15

Bud Light Hotel-18

Empire of the Sun-01

Empire of the Sun-03

Empire of the Sun-05

Empire of the Sun-07

LL Cool J x DJ Z-Trip-01

LL Cool J x DJ Z-Trip-03

LL Cool J x DJ Z-Trip-06

LL Cool J x DJ Z-Trip-10

LL Cool J x DJ Z-Trip-12

LL Cool J x DJ Z-Trip-14

LL Cool J x DJ Z-Trip-16

LL Cool J x DJ Z-Trip-18

LL Cool J x DJ Z-Trip-21

LL Cool J x DJ Z-Trip-23

LL Cool J x DJ Z-Trip-24

LL Cool J x DJ Z-Trip-26

New Politics-01

New Politics-03

New Politics-04

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