Minnesota Hockey Fans Swamp Live TV Report [VIDEO]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr9WNzY_d5Y]
Our favorite sports footage from the weekend came from KMSP reporter Jonathan Choe–who was live on the air in Dinkytown, Minneapolis after the Golden Gophers lost the national hockey championship to Union College. Hey, did you know that Minneapolis gets really serious about hockey? Yeah. So some rioting began to break out, and there was Jonathan Choe in the middle of it.
As the anchorman reports before throwing to Choe live, “It looks like he’s got something there he wants to tell us about.” That turned out to be the Golden Gophers fans in the streets–and, to be fair, they don’t seem to be rioting. They mostly just want to wave to the cameras. Choe still ends up being overwhelmed. We’re not sure why the reporter didn’t just deliver some color coverage while letting the camera man shoot wild. Instead, Choe sounds downright petulant while repeatedly complaining about the local “idiots.” In his defense, though, Choe probably doesn’t have our experience in dealing with daily idiocy.

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