Ohio State QB Braxton Miller Pokes At Michigan's Weak Spring Game Attendance

The rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan has been heated for many decades now so when one player can poke fun at the other school, it’s going to happen. Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller took the latest shot (via Twitter) after the Buckeyes’ spring game had over 61,000 in attendance while Michigan’s game had just over 15,000. It is yet another shot across the bow at that team up north.
It is interesting however that the differences in attendances were so high. Both programs are known for their fans and filling stadiums. It is kind of sad that Michigan could draw only 15,000 to the Big House. Miller saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. The next question would be what the Michigan fans do next time they see Miller on the field.
They won’t get the chance to taunt Miller though since this year’s game between the two teams is in Columbus so maybe that’s why Miller decided to fire this shot knowing that he wouldn’t need to go to Ann Arbor. One of the best rivalries in all of college football just continues to make headlines.

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