Shawne Merriman Heading To WWE

Still upset about the death of the Ultimate Warrior? Well, there are always new heroes (or heels) on the horizon. Consider the story of Shawne Merriman–who was one of the best defensive players in the NFL just a decade ago. His career tumbled within three years, though, and he also had trouble off the field. Merriman decided that the next step for his career–and life–would be going to the world of sports entertainment. Now we haveĀ reports out saying that Merriman is going to train to be a wrestler while working as an announcer first for the WWE. .
This is definitely a new and different step for Merriman, who was limited to just 18 games over his final three seasons in the NFL. There have been many football players who have made the jump to the wrestling world over the years, too, so it’s not like Merriman is breaking new ground. We’re just impressed that he’s able to jump straight to the big time.
Now we’re just wondering when fans will see Merriman in the ring againstĀ the likes of John Cena and Brock Lesnar. You can probably expect a dramatic moment when the former football star will drop his commentator’s mic and jump into the ring out some sense of outrage. The guy better get to the gym to work on his moves first, though.

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