World's Worst Wheel of Fortune Contestant Isn't the Worst Ever [VIDEO]

A video made the rounds last week of what the Internet dubbed to be the “Worst Wheel of Fortune Contestant.” However, thanks to selective editing and good ol’ fashioned Internet hyperbole, you might be surprised to learn that he did pretty well for someone dubbed to be the world’s worst contestant.
It’s true that Julian Batts of Indiana University had some noticeable slip-ups during his appearance on the show’s “College Week.” He had trouble solving three of the show’s puzzles including one that was spelled out for him without any missing letters. The phrase “Mythological Hero Achilles” not only cost him a round win but also a $1 million prize and all because he didn’t know how to pronounce “Achilles” on camera. A statement released by the show explained that pronunciation counts when a contestant tries to solve a puzzle. A similar problem arose in 2012 when judges claimed a contestant with a Southern drawl mispronounced the phrase “Seven swans a-swimming” by leaving off the “G.” However, there’s no gray area when it comes to Julian’s answer and the schadenfreude is even sweeter because it cost the poor kid $1 million in bar tab money…
So his effort may have been a little embarrassing but the video fails to note one important detail – he won. That’s right, despite flubbing three puzzles including one that could have been worth a lot of money, he still went on to the bonus round and won $11,700. If he was actually trying to be the worst Wheel of Fortune contestant ever, he did a lousy job.

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