Flavor Flav Pleads Guilty To Threatening A Teenage Boy With A Knife

Well, Flavor Flav is in the news again–with the rapper admitting to chasing after his girlfriend’s son with a kitchen knife during an argument. At a hearing, the 17 year old boy said that the Public Enemy rapper threatened to kill him before Flav grabbed a knife, chased the boy to his bedroom, and then put the blade through the door.

But let’s not go thinking this means Flavor Flav is in a bad place. All of this happened way back in 2012 at Flav’s Las Vegas home. That didn’t prevent the rapper from being sentenced to probation and four months of domestic violence counseling. After leaving the courtroom, the reclusive Flav then pulled out his famous clock necklace and spoke to reporters.

Meanwhile, Public Enemy founder Chuck D remains a respected statesman and the face of this year’s Record Store Day. The paths that rappers take can be very, very different. Maybe Flav should have just settled down with New York from his Flavor Of Love days. For now, though, he can just continue to disgrace PE’s legacy by being grateful when 911 is a joke.

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