Michael Phelps Might Be Ready For Another Olympics

When Michael Phelps finished at the 2012 London Olympic Games, pretty much everyone thought that he was set to retire. Now it’s looking like Phelps has had a change of heart, and is ready to try for his fifth turn in the Olympics for Rio 2016. That means that people are now a lot more interested in Phelps upcoming appearance in Mesa, Arizona–which, weirdly enough, will count as the beginning of a comeback for a guy who’s already gone out as a champion.
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Officially, the Mesa appearance was supposed to be about Phelps being back in the pool for the fun of it. After all, he already has 22 Olympic medals–including 18 gold medals, which is nine more than the next nearest athlete. Keep in mind, thought, that Phelps will be 31 years old when the 2016 Games arrive. He’s vowed in the past that he wouldn’t swim into his 30s. Now his fans are just waiting to see if Phelps makes it to Brazil two years from now

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