Our 10 Favorite Animals Who Have Run For Public Office

Why have a boring old human Mayor when you can have a cat or a pig or a …well you get the idea…We all know that at the end of the day, politicians are essentially animals anyway, so why not just skip over the formalities and just put an actual animal in your Mayor’s office.

In honor of the newest dog to join the ranks of holding public office, we decided to take a look back on our 10 favorite animals to ever run for public office. From chimpanzees to beer-guzzling goats, there’s been some interesting prospects for public office. Some won, some didn’t, but one thing remains certain–they all won our hearts…


1. Stubbs the Cat – Mayor

Stubbs is mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, and has been since 1997. He drinks catnip-infused water out of a wine glass every afternoon. This cat is cooler than you.

Electability: 4/4 Paws

2. Clay Henry the Goat – Mayor

Sir Henry is a goat who likes to drink beer. He was mayor of Lajitas, Texas in the ’80s. This goat likes to party and we like him for that.

Electability: 4/4 Paws

3. Hank the Cat – Senator

 This brave cat ran for Senate in Virgiina. His favorite activities include chasing mice and laying in front of his own campaign posters like a boss.

Electability: 2/4 Paws


4. Lucy Lou the Dog – Mayor

Lucy was the mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. Her mayoral signs are priceless.

Electability: 4/4 Paws

5. Morris the Cat – President

Morris ran for President in the 80s–and, sadly, did not win. He is, in fact, a much smarter candidate than 90 percent of the politicians in the world.

Electability: 1/4 Paws


6. Dustin The Turkey – President

 Dustin received thousands of votes when he ran in the 1997 Presidential Election in Ireland.

Electability: 3/4 Paws


7. Tuxedo Stan the Cat – Mayor

Tuxedo Stan ran for a spot in City Hall in Nova Scotia. As much as we wanted him to win, he did not.

Electability: 2/4 Paws


8. Tiao the Chimpanzee – Mayor

Tiao ran for mayor of Rio de Janeiro–and didn’t win, but still got 400,000 votes. He enjoys long walks on the beach and eating bananas.

Electability: 3/4 Paws


9. Sausage the Dog – President

Sausage got 4 percent of the vote in Marseille’s municipal elections. He did appear on the French version of Big Brother, though, so he’s got that going for him.

Electability: 2/4 Paws


10. Mickelin the Cat – President

This fine feline was The Swedish Ezenhemmer Plastic Bags and Child Rearing Utensils Party’s leader. He never did quite make it, but he did get 102 votes in the 1994 election. We still think he’s cute.

Electability: 1/4 Paws

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