St. Louis Rams Offering $100,000 For Perfect Schedule Prediction

Remember how much fun it was to watch your bracket go bust during March Madness? Well, now the St. Louis Rams are giving fans a chance to win $100,000 by correctly predicting the team’s full schedule. All the winner has to do is get every portion of the schedule down right–including opposing teams, location, date of the game, and which week will be the Rams’ bye week.
The good news is that–as opposed to predicting every winner from the NCAA Tournament–you only have to make 34 perfect predictions instead of 63. The bad news is that the whole thing is even more of a guessing game than trying to predict the Final Four. When will the Rams play their divisional rivals? When will the team play their mandatory Thursday night game?
It won’t be easy to win the money–and if more than one person somehow hits it on the head, there will be a trivia contest as a tie-breaker. The team has set a deadline of April 21 at 5:59 Eastern for the entries, with the contest limited to fans over 18 and a limit of one entry per person. Too bad about that last part. We were just doing the math on how many entries we had to put in there to guarantee a win.

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