Why Are Panama City Beach Locals Trying To Shut Down Spring Break?

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If Spring Break doesn’t go back to PCB, where are we going to get classic videos like this?

In today’s “Yes, you read that headline correctly” news, Panama City Beach locals are actively trying to stop Spring Break from #TurningUp in their city. Apparently the locals down in PCB don’t like “money.” Here’s an excerpt from a local newspaper:

“Spring break was not on the agenda for Tuesday’s Bay County Commission meeting, but a group of fed-up residents showed up to discuss it anyway, according to a report in the Panama City News Herald. Last week, big crowds of locals turned out to voice their concerns about spring break at a the Tourist Development Council meeting and Panama City Beach City Council meeting.”

WHY? Spring Break has been going on in Panama City Beach for decades, shortly after MTV brought “Spring Break” to Daytona Beach in 1986. This is not a new thing. In fact, I would argue (with absolutely no basis whatsoever) that over ten million dollars in revenue would be lost if the locals tried to discourage kids from leaving their beaches. Do I think that’s going to happen? Maybe. It all depends on what actions the locals want to take in regards to alcohol being on the beach.

“Bill Buskell, owner of the popular Pineapple Willy’s bar and restaurant, was again at the lead of local residents demanding something be done. Buskell reportedly told the commission that he supported blocking alcohol from the beaches even if it cost him $150,000 in daiquiri sales. He says he doesn’t want Panama City Beach to become the “Tijuana of the South.” [source]

And the worst part? Anti-social Bill Buskell might actually be having some pull in the matter.

“Forced to actually address the issue, Bay County Commissioner Mike Thomas said “We have to make some changes,” adding “alcohol on the beach during spring break, I think, will be changed.” [source]

This news should hit party animals everywhere pretty hard. Until this past Spring, I had never been to PCB–aka The #2 Trashiest Spring Destination in America (BTW, I am willing to bet a million internet dollars that our post was included in the conversation. Local officials f’ing hate that feature with the fire of a thousand suns). But ever since that fateful weekend with Natty Light, I would recommend going there 11/10 times. It is the closest thing to paradise I’ve ever seen.
Here’s to hoping that locals don’t have their way with their town. That would be a travesty.

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