beautiful female model posing by the pool

28 Hot Models Emerging From Water GIFs

Hot models have been filmed “emerging from water” slowly since the invention of H20, so why no one’s thought to put together a definitive collection of these GIFs until now is beyond me. Guess that’s why we’re playing chess while other sites are playing checkers… Just like when we were the first ones to post Paulina Gretzky GIFs.

But this post isn’t about us. It’s about HOF stunners like Kate Upton, Ashley Sky, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johannson, Brooklyn Decker, Denise Richards, and Adriana Lima who are all represented here. And of course we couldn’t publish a list of hot pool scenes without the woman who made Fast Times From Ridgemont High, Phoebe Cates.

Enough words, let’s sit back and watch endless loops of hot chicks emerging from water in slow motion.


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