Brooklyn Cyclones To Hold Seinfeld Night With Magic Loogie Bobblehead

Every minor league baseball team is looking for the next big promotion. The Brooklyn Cyclones appear to have found the next big thing with a Seinfeld Night on this coming July 5th–featuring an instant collectible with a Magic Loogie Bobblehead.
Any fan of Seinfeld, of course, knows about the Magic Loogie incident. That’s just a small part, however, of how the Cyclones will make the night all about the show. The team’s MCU Park will be renamed “Vandelay Industries Park.”  Mail carriers who show up in uniform will get to throw out the first pitch. Any fans named George Costanza will have the chance to join the radio broadcast for one inning.
There will be a ton of people who show up for this game. A lot of them won’t really care about baseball. And we’re still trying to figure out the best way to score tickets when they go on sale this May 10th.
And now we must ponder what might come in the wake of the success of Seinfeld Night. Is there going to be a promotion with a Vicki Bobblehead from Small Wonder? Actually, it’s probably more realistic to expect a Friends Night next. We can’t tell you the name of the town where Small Wonder was set. What, you never heard of Small Wonder? Well, glad you asked…

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